Stop the persecution against the women cleaners in struggle!

Our colleague Vaso Gova, militant  in the  struggle of  women cleaners 
is  on trial on March 13
Stop the persecution  against the women  cleaners in struggle! 

On March 13 is put on trial  the cleaner Vaso Gova after a complaint of a police officer. The same policeman is already on trial for serious injuries against two women cleaners Evangelia Alexakis and Vaso Gova  attacked on July 10, 2014 during a peaceful protest of  fired cleaners to the Ministry of Finance.
Adding  insult to injury, the officer of  riot police Tsokanaridis,  against all the facts and  testimonies of a dozen of  eyewitnesses, filed a case for "resisting authority and insulting" while he was arresting the  fired  women cleaners who claimed back their job and her life.
The trial is a challenge for the entire labor movement. It is a challenge because it seeks through evident lies of the police to penalize the  2 years  heroic struggle of the cleaners of the Ministry of Finance after their victory and re-instatement  in 2015.
This emblematic  fight, made world famous the workers struggles for jobs and dignity, in devastated Greece  against the  austerity  memorandum imposed by the troika and  thr Greek government.  Obviously  this struggle  is an anathema for the State authorities because:
·         It proved that workers can fight and win when they have people's solidarity at their side.
·         It humiliated  the hated troika of the EU/EB/IMF and the governments that serve it slavishly. It proved that they could not break the resistance of the working class
·         it stopped  the privatization of cleanliness in the Ministry of Finance.
·         it is still an inspiration today  to all the workers struggles.
The demands of cleaners struggle for dignity, against the  expropriation of our lives are more topical than ever. The austerity  policies of memorandum  by the previous coalition governments of New Democracy and PASOK or those currently implemented  by the government SYRIZA/ ANEL,  are directed against  all the rights of workers, youth and pensioners. 
Barbarism will be defeated.
We call on the workers and the unemployed, all labor collectives, trade unions, self-organized spaces and left-wing political organizations, to  support our initiative and  join us massively next Monday March 13 in the courts 
Our demands are:
Stop the persecution of our colleague Vaso Gova! Stop  the State repression against the struggling cleaners.
We demand the punishment of the officer of the police repressive forces  who wounded Evangelia Alexakis and Vaso Gova.
Abolish the  State repression special forces

Initiative for the vindication of  the struggling women cleaners

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